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AntiMap Workshop

November 2012,

Geo-based data visualizations using Processing and AntiMap app for generating data.

Using the Antimap application we are able to record a data file representing our journey. The csv. file contains information such as your position ( latitude and longitude), your orientation towards the north (compass), data representing your speed in kilometers per hour, direction and time of the journey measured in milliseconds. My intention was to create a visual representation of each piece of data distinctly, so it would be easier to understand that the final trajectory contains all the above-mentioned data.
From a more narrative and static representation of each data set in the beginning of the workshop I decided to follow more abstract way of representation, using the simple geometry of lines and shapes, playing with colors and transparency.
The final visualization draws the lines from data points like threads, weaving each data line into the trajectory of movement. This forms a visual fabric covering the whole area of canvas during a period of time. I used the csv. files from two distinct sources in order to test a diverse visual qualities, resulting in repetitive but different patterns.